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Injured in a Car Accident? Watch for Hidden Injury Symptoms

Florida is a desirable place to be – it is “the Sunshine State”, after all. Whether it be snow birds flocking down to escape the cold, tourists, or the approximate 1,218 people moving to Florida every day, more people = more cars. With roadways more congested, we have consequently seen an increase in accidents as well.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 401,496 crashes in the state in 2021. Out of those crashes, 252,938 injuries were sustained. That means more than 50% of those involved in a collision suffered from some sort of physical trauma. The most common injuries include neck injuries, brain injuries, back injuries, soft tissue injuries, and internal damage.

Unfortunately, a lot of the most common injuries that are associated with car accidents have “hidden symptoms” – symptoms that don’t necessarily reveal themselves for a few hours, days, or even weeks until after the accident. Even if you perform a self-check after the incident to determine you’re not seriously hurt, an exam within days of your collision could reveal anything from minor bruising to a concussion to life-threatening internal bleeding. The best choice you can make after an accident is to immediately follow up with a healthcare provider.
(Tip: Do this within 14 days after your accident so insurance will cover it!)

Symptoms to look out for include (but are not limited to): neck pain and tenderness, back pain, whiplash, numbness, headaches, muscle spasms, pain in your shoulders and arms, difficulty sleeping, depression, neck stiffness and difficulty moving your head, muscle weakness, bruising, dizziness, or leg pain.

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