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Benefits of using the ArthoStim Instrument for Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic care is a great way to prevent injuries and maintain wellness – regular adjustments can help keep your body moving by relieving undue stress and pressure on the nervous system, as well has treat injuries that may be sport or trauma related. When we imagine a chiropractor giving us our adjustment, we may first think about laying on a table and them performing manual work on us, a more known way to practice chiropractic therapy. But have you experienced your therapist using any tools or instruments to help alleviate your pain?

At MedAmerica, our chiropractors often use the ArthoStim, a handheld instrument that aids your chiropractor in performing adjustments. This powerful tool allows your therapist to deliver more thrusts per second in a stronger and faster manor, and can modulate the force your physician applies in treatment in a comfortable and effective manor.

Benefits of using the ArthoStim

 Use of the ArthoStim allows your doctor to control the amount of force being applied, making it easier to use on a variety of issues and conditions. Therefore, it can be used on patients who have pain anywhere form severe to acute pain.

Instrument-assisted adjustments can deliver the same amount of force as a manual adjustment, but can be focused on a smaller area of the body. This results in lower impact, which is extremely beneficial for those who have experienced trauma-injuries (like a car crash), or if the patient is elderly.

Given the small size of the ArthoStim, the degree of accuracy of reaching the problem area is increased, resulting in quicker adjustment and office visit time, giving you more time to accomplish more at one visit.

The ArthoStim can also provide immediate pain relief, promote relaxation, relieve muscular and nervous tension.

 Depending on your specific treatment, you may find great relief in having the ArthoStim used with your visits with us. If you are interested or have more questions, let us know, and we can get you started on your first visit with us!

At MedAmerica Chiropractic and Physical Therapy at Deerfield Beach, all consultations with our chiropractor are free of charge. Consultations will usually last about 10 minutes where we will discuss your symptoms and concerns, along with possible treatment options. If it is determined that we can help you, we will get started immediately.